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I hate being idle. As much as possible, every vacation, I want to be productive. And since I have four months to relax, I decided to apply for a job.
Fortunately, I got accepted and I am now doing an on-the-job-training at Dominic Construction, Inc.
I organize files, take photos of receipts, and arrange vouchers. This is truly a fun experience for me because I get to travel, go out of the house, do new things, meet different people, earn money, and of course, experience independence. I feel like a real yuppie (young professional).
So, if by any chance you are reading this, I hope you’d find time to explore and do things you haven’t tried. Don’t just sit there and watch the television all day or surf the net for hours.
Enjoy your summer vacation! Have fun under the sun!


How long has it been? Two months? Three? Four? I really can’t remember the last time I have published a blog post.

I missed writing. I missed talking to my lovely readers (as if I have any) ha-ha-ha. I missed expressing my thoughts. Oh, I just missed blogging.

Being a college student is not as easy as I thought it would be. There were times when I had to stay up until four in the morning just to study for a quiz. Then I would sleep for an hour so as to survive our five-hour class every day. Then I would travel for more or less three hours to school and back. I only had one day to rest and I cannot spend those precious hours wisely because I have tons of school work to do. In short, my freshman year was very stressful.

But don’t get me wrong. Those two semesters were not just deadly. It became fun for me too. I met new people,  joined different organizations, participated in various activities, and explored several places. I appreciated the real value of education and I strived very hard just to be a dean’s lister. All my hard work paid off and I must say I am truly happy.

And now that we are given four months to relax, I would devote much of my time blogging, modelling, studying, and of course, eating.

Hope you would all enjoy your vacation too. Have fun! :)


Not a lot of people are aware that I have always dreamt of becoming a
beauty queen or a model someday.
I may not be the prettiest girl out there who has the perfect looks,
height, talents, knowledge, and everything else required to be one,
what I do have the determination to pursue such things.
And that makes me different.
So to make this dream of mine a reality, I started joining workshops
and competitions.
Recently, I entered Modelo Fashionista Cycle 1.
It will be held on December 22 at the Tanghalang Pasigueno.
One of the special awards would be the "People's Choice".
I am asking for your help right now. Please help me win this award by
liking Pro Model's page first then my photo after.

The links are listed below:

Please help me attain my aspirations. Thank you so much! :) 


Recently, I signed up as a member of Chictopia- a website that showcases individuals who have a knack for styling.

I want to post my ootd here but the space is limited. It sucks, right? Ha-ha.

So just check out my profile on Chictopia.

My outfit posts are simple yet trendy. Stylish yet comfy. And most of all, it’s “wearable”.

Click this link and get ready to stop and stare :)


The one responsible for this blog post is not a human being anymore. The Klaire you have all known is now a…

wait for it…


Gosh. I never thought college would be this hard. As a matter of fact, I just tried to squeeze blogging in my very hectic schedule. I am currently reviewing for our two quizzes tomorrow. Boo-hoo :(

Just wanted to share with everyone how stressed I am right now. I only get to sleep for two to four hours a day. Yes, you have read it right.


It’s so hard. I just want to cry and go back to the time when my only problem was choosing what crayon to use for my drawing.



The Priority Development Assistance Fund, originally intended to provide the money for the needs of the citizens, is now used to fund the luxuries of government officials. Instead of implementing projects to feed the hungry, give money to the needy, support poor but smart individuals, and build infrastructures for the betterment of our country, the 58% of the national budget is put into waste. It is used by politicians and sadly, their families as well, to clothe themselves in a million-peso worth of apparels. It is also used to buy plane tickets to travel back and forth to places that ordinary people could only reach in their dreams. It is spent in gambling and vices. It is splurged in cars, houses, and parties that only the rich and famous can attend to.

Filipinos are very much aware of this scenario in our country. This kind of corruption has long been going on. It is not that we keep a blind eye. It is the government who is just not acting upon it. In fact, rallies have been made to abolish this. Netizens have done everything to spread the news and hope that their messages reach those high-ranking officials. Even the students try to help in their small ways. But since our government seems to be deaf to the cries of the citizens, the latter just choose to keep their mouth shut.

It is a good thing that the Napoles issue has been brought up recently. It ignited the anger and resentment of the law-abiding Filipinos whose past attempts to address this issue have fallen short. It really is sad to see that a lot of our countrymen are working so hard just to make ends meet and feed their families, while those in position only use it to flaunt their properties which came not from their genuine efforts, but from the blood and sweat of the taxpayers.

The only thing to do right now is abolish this PDAF. It may have helped some, but it is used more as an extra income for the heartless and filthy-rich officials.
It is unfathomable why President Aquino wants the other way around. He mentioned in a report that the pork barrel is a good thing for it funds local projects that are barely noticeable. Therefore, it must be continued despite all the reported cases of graft and corruption.

As stated earlier, the PDAF is truly helpful. There is no doubt in that. However, those in position spend it for their own and hence, the fund is misused. That is why Senator Chiz Escudero, along with other senators, supports its abolition. Moreover, he wants to be a part of the anti-pork barrel protest to show that he really opposes this illegal act.

Imagine a government with no pork barrel…

If there is no such thing as PDAF, then the officials will not have a reason to implement fraud projects. If there are no fake projects, there would be no kick-backs for those in position and their partners-in-crime. If there would be no people to take kick-backs, then the money would be allocated for the improvement of our country. If our country is improved, the state of the people living in it would be, as well. If the people’s lives become better, it is because there is no pork barrel that their taxes end up to. But if there is, then the government officials will have the means to steal from our national budget. And if they can do so, then all the citizens’ hard-earned cash will be put into waste. If the Filipinos’ money go straight into the pockets of the greedy, then our country will be doomed to failure. But if we do not want that to happen, then we must do something right now. If we make a step towards the stopping of this illegal act, then the government might notice us. And if they do, they may immediately abolish PDAF. If the abolition takes place, we will finally have a corrupt-free government and we would all be living in a better country.


If I’m not mistaken, it was 2011 when Mommy brought home a magazine from Human Heart Nature.

Their products caught our attention since they were all 100% natural.

We tried some of them:


This one is my favorites because it smelled really good. And since it had no harmful chemicals, I was not afraid to immediately eat with my bare hands after using it. Yes, I don’t eat immediately because I’m afraid that the chemicals will enter my body. HA-HA.


It’s nice to know that finally, there is a deodorant that is 100% natural. However, I was disappointed because it did not prevent my underarms from sweating a lot. Plus, it gave me a sticky feeling.


This product smelled really nice. My intimate area was not irritated and I felt secured since I knew this one was totally safe to use.

Since my family and I were all satisfied with Human Heart Nature’s all-natural products, we decided to try them out again. So last month, my mom purchased several products from them.

And they were:

(T-B, L-R)


No review for this one :( It was my sister who used this and unfortunately, she is not here right now. Sorry.


Same as above.


This one is my favorite because it moisturizes and cleans my face at the same time. Unlike my old facial wash, this one does not give me a dry feeling and it really removes dirt, oil and dust. It only leaves a blemish-free face. Oh yeah!


Want a shiny hair? Want to moisturized skin? Want to hide some unwanted thingies on your face? This is the perfect solution. It doesn’t smell so good and it’s quite sticky but you will surely love the result it gives.


Want to be germ-free while smelling like tutti frutti? This is the perfect product for you.

Human Heart Nature truly deserves nothing but a two thumbs up for introducing innovative yet safe products to the market. With these babies, everyone will feel good, look beautiful, and be safe from all the harmful chemicals that several brands nowadays offer.


Oh yes! I really want to put a stress on the word FREE.
Our preliminary week is finally over! Woohoo :)

No sleep. Minimal intake of food. Information overload. Can you imagine how hard that week for me was? Oh. The horror. The horror!

I’m very happy for surviving that one heck of a week. It was definitely tiring and stressful. So excited to treat myself :)

Just wanted to do a quick post to share what’s going on in my life right now.

Okay, I have to sleep now. Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.


No, I will not be posting about instant noodles. HA-HA. I entitled this post as such because I was a really lucky girl.

It was the twenty-second day of December when I happened to see a giveaway contest on Ms. Kryz Uy’s blog (you can click the link to go to her site). She was giving ten lucky readers the chance to have a pair of shoes or an apparel from Pill Clothing. So I joined right away. Surprisingly, I was the second person to post a comment. Yes, that is a proof that I am an avid reader of her blog. I followed the instructions and voilà! I already had one entry.

I waited patiently for the result of the contest. And when I checked my Facebook account on the first day of January, I saw this:

I shouted for joy because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing that time. It was my first time to join a giveaway contest and it was also my first time to win something online! It was the best new year’s gift I have ever received :)

But that is not the end of the lucky girl’s story. It was January or February when I joined the search for Mr. and Ms. Earth. I, as well as Franz Calvelo, was chosen to represent 10- Assumption of Mary, our section. The first thing that we had to do was prepare an outfit for a photoshoot. I asked my friends to help me choose the clothes I would wear. Everything turned out fine. Except for one… The shoes! I had no idea what footwear I would pair with my clothes. Sucks for me, eh? But when I got home that day, I was surprised to see a package waiting for me.


The packaged contained a pair of shoes from Pill Clothing. The one that I won from Ms. Kryz Uy’s giveaway contest. I was really fortunate because those shoes were the answer to my problem. Plus, they look really fabulous! :)


I never thought I’d be brave enough to audition for the University of Santo Tomas “The Accountancy Chamber Singers”.

But for some reason, I pushed myself to do it.

Last July 3, I took all the courage I have and sang in front of the TACS members. I chose One Republic’s “Secrets“.

I burned the lines to heaven just so God would give me the chance to join this organization. Yes, I literally did.

And as luck would have it, last July 8, I received a text message saying, “Congratulations! You have been qualified to be a trainee of the Accountancy Chamber Singers, the official chorale of UST AMV College of Accountancy”.


I screamed and scurried downstairs to inform my family about the good news I have just received. I also called my boyfriend immediately to share my joy.

I couldn’t believe it at first.

But this image made me realize that everything is real.


I am so grateful for having been given this kind of opportunity.

Oh… How wonderful it is to feel this kind of joy :)

I wish everyone in the world would do the same. I hope they’d pursue whatever they want in life using their own abilities. After all, we are here to enjoy. Enjoy and utilize God’s blessings to us.

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